Women Voter Project 2016 Efforts

2016 Election Elections

During the 2016 election, the Women Voter Project was funded by SEIU 2015. Its goal was to increase turnout by 3% among low propensity, California Democratic women voters under age 50 and to increase their vote-by-mail (VBM) registrations. In addition, we sought to educate women about the ballot initiatives on the California ballot.

With a large number of ballot initiatives on the California ballot and high numbers of women candidates running for office in the 2016, women were thought to be crucially important in the electoral landscape.

We wanted more women to participate, which is why we focused on increasing VBM registrations among women who frequently do not turn out for elections, as people are more to likely to vote if they can do so by mail.

The proposed program used a coordinated on-line, direct mail and traditional media program to turn out women voters.

Universe Size: 1,363,629

(*Criteria: Women who voted in at least one general election from 2010-2014, but not in the 2016 primary.)


Number of Universe that Voted in 2016: 955,149 (Compared to 318,089 in 2014)

Percentage of Universe that Voted in 2016: 70%

Number of Universe that Voted-by-Mail (VBM) in 2016: 214,436

Number of Universe Registered to VBM by Start of Project: 302,081

Number of Universe Registered to VBM by 2016: 749,880

Program Analysis

Our program had three main outreach components:

A Website that provided information to our universe about ballot measures on the November 2016 ballot. The website included info-graphics that people could share on their social media channels.




In the last month of the campaign, the website grew to 10,353 users, had 15,507 page views, and 12,179 sessions lasting on average 30 seconds.

Social Media

The initial poll we conducted of our universe told us that the most effective way to draw their attention was through social media.

With that in mind, we created a 30 second video ad promoting Props 55/56/57, and three 15 second ads promoting Prop 55, Prop 63 and Prop 57/58.



From October 4 through November 9, 2016, these ads received 18,445,084 impressions and 21,810 clicks.

Cable TV

To supplement our online video program, we did large cable TV buys in the San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the East Bay Area metropolitan areas.

The high cable presence helped drive traffic to the project’s website. The website drew the largest number of visitors from the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and the San Francisco Bay Area. Visitors from these areas also spent the most time on the website.



To increase our statewide visibility, we sent three emails to the universe’s 254,000 available email contacts.

Collectively, these emails were read by 2,333 people, with 294 people taking action in regards to them (clicking on internal links, unsubscribing).

The second email was received by 192,542 people and read by 1,617 people. Collectively, 209 people took action in regards to the second email.